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Tour operator "Bratya Govor"/ Active Tours/ Summer/ Fishing and Hutnting/ Novosibirsk region/ Along the Tajozhnaya River

Along the Tajozhnaya River

Wild Siberian taiga full of wildlife (capercailzie, hazel-grouse, beaver, bears? prints and deer) and fishing at the placid the Tajozhnaja River await your on this tour.

1st day. We arrive at the Shegarka River (190 km, 4 hours).

2nd-7th days. We set off for the tour down the river, fishing.

8th day. Departure for Novosibirsk (250 km, 5 hours).

Season: August, September.

Number of days: 3 and more.

Transfer: 140 km by van, 32 km by motor trolley.

River description: placid river, flows in the deserted area through the wildest Siberian taiga.

Fish: pike and perch.

The largest trophy (among the tourists and the guides of the firm): pike ? 8, 7 kg (September, 2003).

Overnight stay: in tents.

Food: cooked by tour-guide.

Important to have: fishing gear, weatherproof clothes, mosquito repellent (June, August), the dishes, rubber boots.




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