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Tour Operator "Bratya Govor"
The tour operator "Bratya Govor" has always specialized in offering sport and adventure tours in Siberia (including Gorny Altai, Sajany, Baikal, Putorana plateau, Yakutia, Buryatia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan): climbing, hiking, rafting, cycling, motor, speleo, sailing, horseback-riding and fishing tours, also we can organize hunting, recreation and treatment tours. We can make and tailor any tour according to your desires. Each of the tours offered, can be combined with a wide choice of rafting, hiking and horseback-riding options. If you have time and eager for adventure than with us you can make your own style trip. Foreign tourists can choose to be included in the regular groups of Russian tourists with a basic set of services or order additional service – guide-interpreter, special meals and horses to carry the luggage.

   Novosibirsk, Krasnyy prospekt, 98/1
   phone 0 7 (383) 216-37-88, 8(383) 236-38-15
   тел/факс 0 7 (383) 236-38-14
   e-mail: govor2008@mail.ru
   e-mail: govor54@gmail.com
   skype: govortur       ICQ 418-697-606
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